Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Is Summer Here? Will the Shoe Drop?

feels like it. i'm loving all this good weather and sunshine. and meg's pool opens next friday! i'm thrilled about that. i can't wait to get into the water and float, and maybe exercise some, too. so much easier on the feet in the water. you know?

we ate outside last night. i'll have to post some pictures of our deck now that it is mostly all set up. we just love it. so comfortable and relaxing. something i've always wanted.

we think the fence starts next week. woohoo!!
we met with a new landscaper and he'll start in 2 weeks. woohoo!!!

this all will call for more pictures, of course.

and speaking of pictures, i'm still waiting to hear from the CEPA Gallery's workships for beginner digital point & shoot, and beginner photoshop. can't wait. i hope it works out.

things are ok. life seems good. this is when i start to worry about that other shoe dropping. and i certainly hope that doesn't mean something screwy is going to happen with my surgery (meaning the possibility of no surgery). june 6 is still a week away. and, that damn shoe could drop...


Alison said...

Sometimes there is no other shoe that could drop...

melanie said...

stay in the NOW. and breathe. the other shoe is a myth that our fears create. don't manifest it.

sounds like everything is working out for you. how enjoyable!

The CEO said...

I think you're taking to this blogging thing.