Thursday, May 24, 2007


this has been a crazy week. well, leftover from last week.

the wedding went well and i had a great time from rehearsal dinner thru reception. got home sunday and was exhausted.

monday...geez, i forget what had to happen on that day. but i know it was a lot.
tuesday...more problems with the phone line and computer. lost all my bookmarks, photos, etc. spent hours and hours and hours on the phone between dell, netgear and verizon to no avail. spent 3 hrs at a dermatologist for teddy - the male boston terrier. nice lady. now we have new meds, new food trial etc. came home to hectic stuff at home
wednesday...errands. and more errands. and a carpet cleaner at 5:30. problem with direct tv. lovely.
thursday - hey, that's today! podiatrist. fun. laundry. dog stuff. direct tv service guy. nice. problem solved. filter for phone line with direct tv...and COMPUTER WORKS AGAIN!! apparently the DSL interference (static on the line) was causing issues with our server connection. and voila! i'm online again. hours on the phone to get landscaping estimates. can't wait.
tomorrow...having a thorough dowsing of the house. top to bottom.

long weekend - shopping for nice landscaping photos for when we get landscaping done. appointment for june 1 and 2 for consultations. the original guy has forgotten about us. perhaps shopping for a new washer and dryer.

fence comes soon!! :) happiness. should be here first or second week of june. parents coming end of june. and...june 2 is hair day, another hair day on june 5 (cut one day, color the other day) and june 6 i have my appointment with the surgeon to talk about my test results, and hopefully scheduling surgery. yay!!

yep, birthday june 30th. oh fun. one more year closer to 40.

that's my update. how're you all?


melanie said...

whew, my head is spinning! I am happy you are back online, what an ordeal! Can't wait to hear about your landscaping and what you have chosen to do. I wish I could have my hair done... (whimpers a little)

Your dog has a dermatologist? wow. My parents are here this weekend. My mantra: "Remain calm. Let NO negative thoughts enter your mind. You are well and whole." I hope the visit with yours goes well.

have a great holiday weekend!

The CEO said...

I can't believe you ever had time to work.

Alison said...

Busy busy! Glad you're back online.

Lynne said...

You've been missed!

ptooey said...

I got tired reading that. Granted, it sounds a lot like my life's schedule, but still...

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