Friday, February 02, 2007

Meme from Odat's Blog

because i have no good news or anything to say, i'm taking this blog from

If you could have any piece of art what would it be?
Any of the nudes from Philip Pearlstein, preferably from those that have been on display at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, PA

Name two of your guilty pleasures.
watching The Young & The Restless on direct tv at 7PM each weeknight.
napping on saturday or sunday.

If you were an actor/actress who would it be and what movie would you choose to take the lead role in?
Glenn Close as Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil in Dangerous Liasons, or Kevin Spacey as Roger 'Verbal' Kint in The Usual Suspects.

What's the most romantic gesture someone's made to you?
Proposing to me at Thanksgiving dinner in Cape Cod at his sister's in front of his entire family.

Who's your favorite superhero / villain?

What's your favorite leftover food?
cold pizza

Describe in five words how you saw yourself in high school.
unappreciated, talented, virginal, confused, misunderstood

If you could live anywhere in the world were would it be and why?
somewhere warm near water and near friends

Name five good gifts you would like to receive (within reason- no sports cars etc)
1) camera
2) chocolate covered pretzels
3) gift certificate to pick out jewelry that i like
4) sheets or towels
5) framed artwork

If you could live one week in a cartoon what would it be and why?
i'm not sure...i don't read the cartoons. maybe...snoopy. because he's happy and has a lovely friend in woodstock and charlie brown.

Dinner for five - who would you invite (the world is your oyster):
Alec Baldwin, John Enos III, Javier Berdiem, Greg Dulli, Robert Palmer

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The CEO said...

Outstanding choices, I particularly likes the choice of Kevin Spacey in the "usual suspects" which I thought was fantastic. That and the cold pizza, which is something we share.