Thursday, February 01, 2007


my friend T from home (sewickley, pa) as i've mentioned before, is going through a divorce. well, it hasn't even started yet. he has left their home and their 4 kids. he's playing evil mind games and control games that are completely horrible and i hope that karma hits him sooner than later.

i'm so angry for her, i hardly know what to do with myself.

today, he decided to not give her the money for february that they agreed on. this would be for her and the kids to live on, groceries, anything the kids need, utilities and car payment. he's demanding that she get a job immediately and is "punishing" her for not getting anything yet by not giving her the money. in fact, he offered a sum that they agreed he'd give her every 2 weeks, but is saying this sum is for the entire month. she refused and said they had an agreement. he said - if she didn't like it, he wouldn't give her anything. he didn't care if child and youth services came when the utilities were shut off because he can take the kids and she will be seen as an unfit mother.

her lawyer was in court today so she couldn't speak to her. the divorce hasn't been filed yet so T doesn't really have a leg to stand on legally yet.

she's talking about getting an injunction forcing him to agree to a certain sum...i'm just not sure what the laws are, but i hope they move fast.

this guy, who i've known for 15+ yrs is more of an asshat than i can even put into words. i'm so angry. and there's not much i can do for T and the kids.

what do you do....


The CEO said...

You talk to her and be as supportive as you can be. Make sure that you get her talking to her lawyer. Always ask her what her lawyer says to do, and tell her to do that.

Give her whatever support you can, and know that she has nothing. Whatever you do, it will be more than she has, and she can never repay you for it. So do whatever you can, because it will be appreciated.

It's not running her ex down that counts, it's reducing her stress anyway that you can. Just my thoughts. Ask Alison.

rebecca said...

yep...i'm not running him down. just in my own head.

i'm on her back to be on her lawyer's back. she needs to be persistent and she's not always persistent. so i'm on her about that.

Lynne said...

Make sure she follows up with the lawyer. And let her know that you're there for her - just a phone call away when she needs you.

Her soon-to-be-ex-husband sounds like a real shit.

melanie said...

Oh dear. What an asshat! Four kids that are his? and he is treating them like garbage so he can hurt thier mother?

Wow. Rebecca, I would be sooo like you in this situation. I think the only thing you can do is make sure your shoulder is always open for her. Make sure to help her build herself up at any opportunity, cuz she is going to need someone to remind her how precious she is as a woman and mother.

Man i am raging as I read this. Why are some men so cruel? She is fortunate to be rid of him. Very Very fortunate.