Saturday, February 03, 2007

Where Are You, Weekend Bloggers?

though i know i don't have much to say lately, i find i'm seeking out my regular reads.

and nobody's posting this weekend, people. ;)

no, i'm kidding.

but, i do need to expand my blog viewing. i think i'll go to my regular reads and pick a blog from their blogrolls and read a few. i am sure i'll find a few that i will bookmark.

anyway, if you're around here this weekend, and feel like suggesting a good read from your blogrolls, please post some links for me. it will make it easier.

thank you!


Lynne said...

Rebecca - I'm here! Let's see, who's blog could you read? How about Exceedingly Mundane. Or Faster Than Kudzu. How about More Than a Song. Or try Rocks in my Dryer. Those are a few that aren't specifically book related. Then check their lists and find more - that's what I've been doing.

Hope you're having a nice weekend. Any special plans for Super Bowl? We're going next door to daughter Donna's - they have a big screen TV.

Alison said...

Try Cover Your Mouth When You Blog. She's a GREAT writer.

The CEO said...

I like Crankster and glamourpuss a lot on my blogroll.

rebecca said...

thanks guys!! i can't wait to check these out!

edieraye said...

I have a folder called "a cure for boredom" here that lists some blogs that I visit whenever I...well...get bored.