Saturday, January 06, 2007

the weekend's 4:50 on saturday. how has the day passed by so fast? spent a lot with the dogs. happened to stop in with H to another doggy day care/dog boarder. SOOO impressive. got to play with the pet maine coon. BOY he's a dream. i got a lick on my nose from him and a good look at his lovely face and HUGE paws. next time we have room for another, and we don't go to the pound or shelter, we're getting a maine coon.

got some new "tuffets" for the kitties and dogs. they love them.

had to replace my new razor wasn't keeping a charge. hopefully, this one will because it is the second time now that i've had to program numbers etc. and i don't have that kind of patience.

now, i'm drinking some champers, and surfing around. planning my time for the week ahead.

shrimp for dinner tonight. mmmm.

thinking about purchasing a ROKU....really considering. and, a webcam/mic. we'll see.

anyway....not much going on in my life today. just the way i like it.

what are you doing this weekend?


The CEO said...

Went to dinner with friends and had steak and lobster, and then watched Dallas LOSE to Seattle. Ah, life is good!

melanie said...

I want a roku.


Alison said...

Well, you kind of know what I did tonight, since we chatted for a while.

After dinner we watched a couple of shows we had on the DVR, then we watched SNL. And now it's really late!

edieraye said...

Sounds like a lovely day. But why do you have to re-enter the numbers on your phone, doesn't the store do that for you (for free) when you pick up the replacement? And as for that Dallas loss, the 'Boys are just pathetic. Time to gut the team and start from scratch. Skip all the high-paid stars and pick up some scrappy players who love to play. Make football fun again. Sigh! I feel like I am too young to be saying this but I MISS THE GOOD OL' DAYS.