Thursday, January 04, 2007


i've been delayed for a few days for a few reasons. first, i'm wrapping up my last week at work. YAY!! on to new adventures in employment. nothing for certain yet...but lots of ideas and plans.

going to try to get my foot in the door in Fredonia (a SUNY school) Univ. about 1/2 hr from where i live. great art history/art department. would love to go back to school. so, monday or tuesday i will go to the human resources building and put in an application for employment (work there, discount on classes!). one of H's contacts there suggested i do that. she also suggested that i take the NYS civil service tests (typing, etc.) so i get myself in the "pool". we'll see what happens. that test won't happen until feb 3rd. i sent in my application for that yesterday.

and speaking of my foot: monday, i go to doctor cavalieri, my primary care physician. love him. he's awesome. going to talk to him about my MINOR (in case you google it) case of dishydrosis on my left foot. tiny vesicules near my toes, major itching, not a fungus...not contagious and not anywhere else on my bod. seen pics of this, and i am lucky. mine is truly a mild case. but MAN it sucks. makes me want to rip my foot off or scratch the sole of my foot with a sharp fork. i'm also going to talk to him about the lap-band surgery, and want his thoughts on a breast redux. i am surprised i'm sharing all this with you, but, well...i'm feeling like sharing.

been arguing with h this week....mostly about money issues. i think we're both nervous about me quitting my job. but, it will all work out. we're done arguing for now. earlier this evening, we had a conversation about what is important...and there's lots more important things about us being together, happy, relatively healthy and moving forward in life, than money.

trish and her soon-to-be-ex-husband tell the kids about their father leaving, tomorrow night. i'm so sad for her, but happy that she doesn't have to deal with any BS anymore. life will change for her, too, and i just know she will come out of this more than okay. she's special. and anyone who meets her knows it.

so....tomorrow is an end, and a beginning. one door closes, another opens. right?


Alison said...


mist1 said...

That last line...that's what it's all about.

bhd said...

Every day is a new beginning, regardless. Onward! Cheers!

Lynne said...

Hope your foot feels better soon.

And though I don't know her, your friend Trish is in my thoughts. Making a big change is hard, but sometimes it must be done. I hope everything will work out well for her and her kids.

edieraye said...

Yeah, so I googled it. And you are right - YUCK! Now I am going to sleep with THAT in my mind. Thanks - LOL!

P.S. Glad yours is a very minor case.

The CEO said...

What Mist said. The last line, that's what life is all about.

rebecca said...

edie - truly, it is mild. you can't even see it. but i know it's there. just a few, but it makes me CRAZY.

steroid cream isn't working. not sure what else i can do at this point rather than live with it in a mind-over-matter way.