Monday, January 08, 2007


So, we bought the cats some new, what we call, "tuffets" this past weekend. They like one in particular the most.


The Beeb

and my favorite:
Ferris Being Tiny

cute, huh? :)

We have yet to catch Fuzzy Kitty in it for a photo op. No biggie. In time...

SO big day today, being my first day of retirement. Made coffee this morning for H to take to work and for me to enjoy. This usually is a weekend only thing, so it was a nice way to send him off. Cleaned up the house, went to Curves, came home to shower and have lunch, made an appointment to get my teeth cleaned (YAY!! i'm one of those weirdos who love to go to the dentist to get their teeth cleaned) and then...went to the Dr. Got a referral to a dermatologist for my dishydrosis (that office was closed, so i have to call back tomorrow to get an appointment), got diagnosed with plantar faceitis and am scheduled for bloodwork tomorrow both at 8am and 4pm to check my cortisol levels (endocrine stuff) to see if i have Cushings Disease. Not finding much on this other than in veterinary medicine, and let's be clear that I went to my D.O. doctor, not a vet. The reason for this is a lump on the back of my neck/upper back between my shoulders that could be from this Cushings Disease. i have got to do more research on this. anyway, next and second to most importantly, we have a referral to another surgeon for breast redux (appointment made for Feb 5 for consultation/info gathering/meeting the surgeon. may be about a year before i actually have it, depending on the next bullet point here:) and most importantly - a referral to a bariatric surgeon for the laproascopic surgery (lap-band) that i want. my dr was very, very cool and very encouraging about all this (breast redux and lap-band surgery) and said i'm a great candidate for each, and he will do all he can to help me make this happen. so, i called the surgeon's office re: lap-band and they don't do it anymore. i call my dr's office back and the receptionist tells me if i have a dr in mind, call back and she'll get my dr to say if he/she is good or recommended or not. i said i wanted the dr to find me another surgeon - that i wanted one he recommended. so, he's going to call me back. in the meantime, i went online and found out that at Buffalo General's (in the Kaleida Health Network, which is where I wanted to go in the first place!) weight loss clinic they have 2 dr's who do this surgery, and via voicemail i asked for an application for their program and a call back to schedule an appointment. i am officially getting started. my doctor says i have several things going for me for all this surgery especially the lap-band: i've got very good blood pressure (never has it been high), excellent cholesterol, and no diabetes. YAY.

the plantar's faceitis is quite painful. not a bone spur, though. and dr. feels that with weight loss i will be ok. this makes it hard at Curves, but i'm happy to know what it is, rather than not knowing. this is one of the major differences between H and i. he'd rather not know. i'd rather know and deal.

i'm excited, did i say that?

had to add this:


Lynne said...

Wow! You had quite a busy day. I'm sure you're happy to find out that you're a good candidate for both surgeries. I hope you can get an appointment with the lab-band surgeon soon.

I also have PF. I've found that wearing Birkenstocks and never going barefoot (damm!) works for me. I had to wear a night splint for a while, but it's under control now.

You're looking for human info on Cushings - I'm looking for dog info. The vet thinks that our Maggie might have it. She has to be tested again after she's been off prednisone for at least a month. I'll trade you any human info I find for any dog info you find.

Love your kitty pictures. They're beautiful!

Lynne said...

Of course, that should be lap-band surgery. I need to learn to proofread before I hit send!

mist1 said...

You have very pretty kitties. I tried to get my kitty to look, but he's busy. We'll have to come back.

I'm excited for retirement. I should probably start working.

The CEO said...

Damn I like your cats.

rebecca said...

thanks guys :smiles:

the PF - it is a classic case. i'm shocked i never looked into it before since i've had it for SO long. really, it's textbook according to WebMd. even down to the pronation, and high arches. oh well.

still looking for cushings, lynne. but, i talked to my mom (former nurse) and she says this would explain a lot of my "symptoms" for years now. interesting. i've got to find a better link! anyway, i hope you're dog fairs well!