Monday, January 29, 2007

Nothing Much

well, the weather has been shitty all weekend. looks like we're getting 2 - 4" today, with a possible 5-9" tonight. and more continuing throughout the week. well, it IS winter.

spent the weekend watching some movies with H, had a nice time. dogs enjoyed hanging out with us in the garage, cats were peeved that we weren't inside with them. i had 2 little puke-surprises when we came in saturday night pretty late. LOL.

friday i called the dr.'s office. they had my referrals ready - but hadn't called ME as they were supposed to. whatever, i went to get them. of course, they didn't have any of the other things ready, and i had to wait while they copied what info from my file that was required. i got home and went through it all. seems that the dr forgot one piece - a page in the application for the surgeon that he was supposed to fill out - and didn't. so, they're doing it today, and promised that i will have it, and a phone call to come get it, today. we'll see what happens.

H, since he negotiates for a living, made a call and spoke to the office manager. turns out she'd had 2 other complaints this week about sharon, the incompetent worker who made me go through all the hoopla earlier that week. H made sure to compliment Katie on how she dealt with me with kindness, courtesy and respect. Katie made sure she told me during my visit to the office to pick everything up, that they were sorry for all the confusion and the wait and she realized this was a sensitive subject for me and hoped that if i needed anything else i wouldn't hesitate to call her. H is taking flowers to her today. H told the office manager how Katie's manner more than made up for sharon's, and that everytime we've had to converse with Katie either on the phone or in person, we left feeling very taken care of, respected and that our information was in good hands. not so with sharon. the office manager told H that if he needed anything further not to hesitate to call her himself, and that she would definitely tell Katie of the glowing "review" H & I had given her this day.

just shows that it makes a real difference if you treat people as people, not numbers. Katie has it down. I may take her a thank-you note today when/if I go pick up the rest of my stuff from the dr's office.

still, this process has delayed me and i don't think my application, information and referrals will make it to the surgeon in time to be invited to the february seminar on the surgery, but i've made my peace with that.

hope you all have a great beginning to the week.


Lynne said...

How strange - I just left a comment and it's disappeared into blog-space.

I've found that in every doctor's office (and probably everywhere else) that there has to be at least one person who is a bitch. In our office, we had some who would go out of their way to help - and I always tried to do that - but then there were others who would only do "their" job. Anything else that was out of the realm of their job description would either not be done or would be done with an attitude. Your husband was right in calling the office manager and letting her know about Sharon. The manager, and the doctor, need to know how the patients view the staff. A poor staff, no matter how great the doctor may be, can kill a practice. It's also nice when someone can compliment a worker. That goes a long way in boosting morale (especially in a bitch-friendly environment).

I'm glad that you were able to get the paperwork you needed - hope it's in time for February.

BTW - I left you a long note over on my blog.

Now let's see if this post goes through!

edieraye said...

Yeah for nice people!

Did you see any good movies? We watched The Last Kiss. It wasn't great but there were some good moments. And you definitely KNEW some of the characters. And of course the soundtrack was amazing.