Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stress? What Stress???

Life happens, right? Sometimes the best laid plans…
So, we have this big plan of getting married in the Bahamas on our honeymoon, but now I’m not sure it’s going to happen. Getting married will happen, just possibly not the honeymoon. Much disappointment, but more stress because of the reason.

H’s employers take advantage of him. He originally was on a schedule of monthly bonuses according to his production. He out produces 90% of the office. 2 yrs ago they played on his sense of loyalty and drive and got him to go on a quarterly team bonus. I never thought it was a good idea, but it wasn’t my decision to make. Since then, he’s made significantly less in his bonuses, even though he still out produces 90% of the office. We count on this bonus (though it IS a bonus, we realize that) every quarter, and last quarter it was one reason we were able to purchase our new home. We planned to use this quarter’s bonus to pay for our honeymoon/wedding/airfare etc. He got the news yesterday that it is projected to be significantly, um $4-5K significantly LESS than expected. Even though he just won an award for the most placements in the last 3 quarters. (GRRR!!) This. Is. Not. Fair. Needless to say, H is going back on the personal monthly bonus plan immediately, IF they allow it.

This is a family owned company, and family throws other non-family employees (mostly H) under the bus on regular occasions, tweaks deals and documentation to their advantage, mistreats employees on a regular basis…..BUT, H is very good at what he does, signed a non-compete contract upon starting employment…and cannot, for his mental and physical well-being, go back to restaurant/chef work. So, we’re worrying, stressing, and brainstorming. What can he do? He has a college degree in history, MUCH life experience, a bigger brain than almost anyone I know….

So, we’re stressing. Thinking about options. Trying to weather this storm. I’d love to go full-time, but that’s not happening anytime soon. I need medical attention for my knee…though I currently have no insurance. When we get married, if I go on H’s insurance, it will be over $500 a month for me. Ridiculous, if you ask me. SO…what to do? I am thinking of taking another part-time job – a work from home on my own hour’s job. I’m also looking through the want-ads for a possible full-time position doing what I do now, part-time. We will see what happens….

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~Just Michelle~ said...


What a shame that people can treat others this way and still look themselves in the mirror each day.

H deserves better and so do you. It is your wedding, after all!