Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Couple Things...

A couple things.

Very weird dream last night. Again, at a religious retreat, but it was held at some kind of hotel or dorm. My significant other was the bald guy that lost in American Idol (I don’t have ANY idea why!) We were very much in love, very connected both mentally and physically, and very much a big part of this fellowship retreat. The people we drove with packed six of us in their car and had a van follow us with all our stuff. I don’t remember the meat of the dream, except that it took a long time to get there and the ride wasn’t very comfortable. Somehow, when I got there, I had 2 of my cats with me, (don’t remember them being in the vehicle on the way there) and we ended up with a kitten from the place that needed a home, so we kept him. Little black thing with white paws and chin. Well, for whatever reason, it came time to go, and quickly. We had to pack all our stuff up – I couldn’t find certain things, and we no longer had the van. I had no idea how I was going to get my guitar ( I don’t own a guitar!!) and vacuum cleaner home. (why I had a vacuum cleaner, I don’t know.) and I was mad. And everything was wet. And there was some threat that Chris and I weren’t going to be together on the ride home and it was making me very tense and upset.

What is up with this one????

The only thing I can think of is that in my waking life, we’re very stressed out about money. Wondering if we can get through this lawsuit of H’s and actually have enough to make the trip to the Bahamas afterall.

Its also raining like cats and dogs, has been all night, too, and I’m tired and wish I could be back in bed with my book and my cats.

Nothing much new, and don’t have much to blog about.

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~Just Michelle~ said...

I have days where it just seems impossible to find anything to share or even be motivated to make the effort. BLAH!

Thankfully those days pass and some little thing will pick me back up and put some sunshine back into my life.

Sometimes things just have to look UP and get better 'cuz we need them to!

How about a hug?