Monday, July 31, 2006

Ali Tagged Me

Ali tagged me:

List five songs that, when you hear them now, transport you back to a specific place and time. You can explain why, or not.

OK, so here's mine:

Paul McCartney & Wings - Admiral Halsey/Uncle Albert (Hands Across the Water, water…) reminds me of being in my mom’s kitchen when I was in grade school, unstressed, innocent, and happy.

Steely Dan - Green Earrings (and almost anything else by them) Starlake Ampetheater outside Pittsburgh -concert in ’92 – first concert in 20 yrs. My favorite band at that time – still one of my very favs. I flipped out when they opened with this.

B-52s - Rock Lobster: summer after my sophomore year in high school, on vacation with my parents with my best friend Trish, in Deep Creek, Maryland on a dock. (other songs of this time period by Squeeze, INXS, Police, Bowie also take me back there)

CSN&Y - Helplessly Hoping. Senior yr in high school – spring break. None of my friends went anywhere but lots of their parents did, so there were lots of parties. One such party was at my friend Jeff Rona’s place. I remember lots of Beck’s and Moosehead beer, people off in the basement or kitchen, but 4 of us in the livingroom listening to CSN&Y and each taking a harmony part for this song. Jeff has since committed suicide back in 1997. I think of him whenever I hear this song.

Red House Painters – Song for a Blue Guitar: Taken from Ali – same, a certain person, a certain bedroom, a certain house, a certain feeling, a certain year.

Extra one: Santana - ALL songs. BHD & Hobbitt's pool in NJ, floating....

Now, consider thyself tagged.

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