Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wedding Plans Change...

We went from having a small wedding with about 60 people, ceremony at H’s sister’s farm where there is a lovely and quaint little white chapel – and full reception at a country club afterwards – to now having the ceremony beachside during our honeymoon in Abacos, Bahamas where we’re staying for 2 weeks.

Personally, I was all for going to the local town hall and talking to a judge…but this is definitely more romantic.

My main argument was why spend the money on ONE DAY when we just bought a house, are struggling to make ends meet, and have already committed ourselves to this 2 week trip to the Bahamas??!!! After my point of view became HIS idea….(as, I’m learning, happens quite often…) this was the final decision. No, I’m not complaining. I am going to remember this for the next time I want something a certain way…I just have to be patient and find a way to make it his idea in the first place. ;)

It feels like we’re already married, so I’m not beside myself with anticipation or anything “normal” brides go through, I guess. However, I am so excited about this trip!! I’ve never been anywhere outside of the US and have always dreamed of going to the Caribbean…just never expected this particular dream to actually happen! The place we’re staying is just unbelievably gorgeous. We have our own cottage, gorgeous upper and lower decks, our own dock/pier and our own boat!! I’m not much of a fisherman, but I’m a damn good sunbather – and I adore being on a boat and being in or near the water….I plan to take lots of pictures, get a great tan, read a few good books, sample the local cuisine, learn to fish more, nap in a hammock on the upper deck, and have great cocktails. Ahhhhhhh!

This isn’t happening until the first week in October…so I have some time to wait and dream. Work seems a little slow lately and I often wonder how useful I am here. I don’t dislike my job, but sometimes I feel I could be doing more…and sometimes I feel like I’m in over my head. It’s a strange 50/50.

Other thoughts: I’m particularly nostalgic for my friend C in WA. This happens about every three months, but is the strongest in the summertime and around Thanksgiving. Since we met, I have felt a very strong connection to her, almost like she’s family, even though she’s not. It doesn’t even matter to me if it’s not the same for her – I know she cares about me, and that’s not what it’s about. She’s just one of the most interesting, amazing, and inspiring people I know. Logistics and finances have kept me from being able to visit….and I’m not good about phone calls. I have to make an effort to change that….


bhd said...

What? I'm not family?

:big cheesy grin:

rebecca said...


to me, you are family. :nodding head:

newwavegurly said...

First, I'm SO excited to see that you're blogging.

Second, the new wedding plan sounds like a great idea. The wedding should be all about the two of you, not anyone else, so why not make it a cozy and romantic thing?

And I look forward to seeing the pictures from your trip/honeymoon. Although I've been out of the country, I have never been to the Caribbean. Ah, perhaps one day.

anica said...

That is great. And I have a feeling that it will be a good wedding the way you want it.

Best of luck.

I am also glad that you have started blogging as well