Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Dolphin House

This is the lovely name of the place we’re staying for 2 weeks in October.
Here’s the link:

Did some research yesterday, and found a place called the Hope Town Harbor Lodge that I think my parents will enjoy for their short time in the Bahamas for our wedding. Here’s that link:
I think we’ll probably have our wedding celebration dinner there at the Upper Terrace, with a small cake. Nothing fancy shmancy….

Now, I have to decide what to wear for this beach wedding. I’m looking for something vintage…and light and airy…not too fitted, but not a sack, either. So far, I’m looking at these numbers:

and I haven’t decided on which. I’m looking at a sage, peachy, rosy, or ivory color – probably will carry as mall bouquet of white hydrangeas…and my mom wants me to put a flower in my hair…but we’ll see.

In other news….

Work is getting on my nerves. I work very closely with the Marketing department – which you’d think would be interesting and fun. Its not. They make everything much more chaotic and confusing than it has to be….and I am quite frustrated with how our processes are ignored and how they like to play the blame game when they are at fault for not noticing errors in printed product. Fortunately, things may change in a year…our president thinks the Marketing Dept walks on water….and he’s retiring…so there will be changes…and we’ll see what happens. I like it here for the most part. I’m definitely underutilized, underpaid, and I’d love to go full-time so that I could have health insurance that didn’t cost over $500/month (that’s what it will cost us if I go on H’s insurance plan once we’re married….) BUT, I’m just tired of being the bad guy. The nature of my job is a lot of gathering of information, research (obviously) and being a liaison between a department that needs something and the vendor/supplier who provides the service/product. So, the nature of the job is that I get to be the bad guy, I guess. Anyone in the Finance dept seems to be the bad guy. It’s not fair, but that’s the way it is. H is getting fed up with them dragging their feet about me going full time, with me only bringing in approx $240/week, and it may be time to look for better paying fulltime work elsewhere….which would be sad. I like the people here for the most part. The location is fabulous. I really can’t complain too much. And I do love the hours. I just feel tired of playing the “hurry up and wait” game all the time for every single thing I try to get done. People want info pronto, but then I have to wait for others to get back to me with relevant info…nag them to get it to me…THEN when that finally comes my way, get processes rolling. OH its fun….I’m glad today is Thursday and that I’m off tomorrow….What do you have planned for the weekend?


melanie said...

I've had jobs like that; where I am at the beck and call of everyone around me, and yet they all seem angry at me all the time becaue what I do is so vital to their own jobs. And you want to scream, "Well then be nice to me!"

On a lighter note, I love the second dress choice - 1601. It's pretty and feminine and special without being all foofy.

anica said...


I like the fourth wedding dress choice. Very nice and airy.

As for work. Take a deep breath and then thank God it is over when it's over for the day.