Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I Love Target & Other Ramblings

This weekend we happened to browse through Target and spotted a “conversation set” (deck/patio set) that was right up our alley. Very mission or Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stuff. It just so happened that after thinking about it for a few days, when we went back to purchase a set, only the floor model was left!! SO – not only did we not have to worry about assembly (and the frustration that comes with following directions designed by aliens) but we got it at 30% off the 30% off sale that was going on – and saved….wait for it….about $500!!! Here’s the link:

(we didn’t purchase the umbrella.) Next on our list is to purchase an outdoor dining table set, perhaps this: But, we’ll see what happens…

Has anyone heard of Silpada Jewelry?
I’m thinking of looking into becoming a rep. The website doesn’t show you the INCREDIBLE designs…in fact, it features only a few, and not the best pieces. Since I was about 7 yrs old, I have loved sterling jewelry. I remember being in grade school and jr. high when girls would love gold chains or whatever kind of gold jewelry – and it was just never me. I’ve worn sterling silver almost my entire life and still love it as much as I did as a young girl. I took a few jewelry making courses at Carnegie Mellon University in the summers when I was in high school, but quickly found that it is an expensive hobby…not that I’ve given it up yet, but…it’s expensive. So, this sales stuff might be fun. Certainly more fun than candle parties or selling Mary Kay or Avon, right?

The puppies (Stella & Teddy Barker) are doing very nicely. Learning a lot and growing every day. They’re a lot of work, that is for sure…but, no one loves you like a puppy. I love my cats, but the wagging of an entire puppy – not just the tail, as a greeting is just the best!

I turn 38 this week….in fact, in 2 days. I can’t believe it. I think I was 13 when my mom was 38.

Speaking of my mom, she mom and her best friend, Anne, came up yesterday to visit (they are spending the day at Lilydale, NY, and gave H & I the most wonderful house-warming gift. Anne is a photographer, has had gallery showings, sold much of her lovely work and I have 2 of her pieces in my home. Yesterday, she presented me with a gorgeous 18 x 24 black gallery frame with plain white matting, and in it a 9 x 12 photo of a peach poppy, with dew drops on the petals, with a black background. Hard to describe, but it is just breathtaking. Reminds me of a lot of what I’ve seen at AllanThinks’ Flickr photos. And, that’s just inspired me to get out there and get some more frames and mattes and do up our home like a gallery.


doc-t said...

Okay... well, i don't think I have Joseph's gift of dream interpretation. I've never studied it in any way shape or form... Soo, let's get to it, shall we?

Dream 1 - can't find my class.

Stress. You're stressed out, under pressure, you have things to do and you feel ill prepared.

Dream 2 - There are people, maybe you hardly know them, and there's something wrong in their lives. No idea what... Maybe, a wife whose husband beats her, a gal whose b.f. is cheating, a child being neglected by his parents..etc..

you WANT to help but feel you can't.

Either that or you want to be a doctor or vetrinarian.

Dream 3 - maybe there's something about yourself that you don't like. You try to change it but you see no results. You don't want others to see it, and although you see a solution, you don't see a way to make that solution happen.

Dream 4 - It could be as simple as a reminder of happy times.

on the other hand...

There could be some unressolved feelings or issues.

Last nights dream - I think there are two aspects to this one that play together. You hated leaving mojo. You love him and want him to be taken care of as he deserves to be but you're worried that he's not getting love he deserves.

The part about your ex having a bunch of other pugs in cages and mojo being left alone. Secondly, unless I'm mistaken, you and he have childrent together. Perhaps you feel that his new life is more important to him than anything in his old life, or at least that it is taking attention away from things that use to get his full attention like the children. Or you... or even mojo...

You new fiance brings back the stability and attention that has been missing...

How's that for a lay person?

Alison said...

Hey, we saw that table at Target! But we were looking for a dining table, and got one from Amazon, of all things. In fact, we're waiting for the delivery guy right this minute.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to ask...Did you ever become a Silpada rep? I did almost a year ago and I love it! Lots of fun--for me its a side business (I work full-time) and a great way to enjoy a night out with the girls. And OH the jewelry is just so beautiful. And the new 2006-2007 catalog just came out. You can see it at