Thursday, August 16, 2007


hi again.

everything went well at the dr's appt today. i'm doing great! incisions look good, and i'm progressing to pureed foods (whooopee!!) actually, this is exciting because i'm about sick of just liquids LOL

i found out the pain/discomfort feeling in my right side around/under my ribs is due to the fact that that is where most of the poking in me was done! that's where most of the work was done - through the 2 incisions on my right side. so, she said i could still have gas in there, or my liver could be swollen from being moved around etc. (EEK!) but not to worry.

the weirdest thing, and what is making being awake very irritating right now, is that my soreness of gums and painful teeth has NOTHING to do with my surgery, according to the surgeon. i find that hard to believe, since it's start coincided directly with my surgery.

i feel like my teeth are going to fall out. and in a way, i wish they would if it would make the pain stop.

i'm doing this peroxideish rinsing stuff that i got at the pharmacy - which helps a little, but not for long. this is pissing me off, though.

has anyone else had any weird mouth/teeth/gums pain after surgery??

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