Wednesday, June 13, 2007

people...and peeves

you know what? sometimes it isn't about you.

i have a couple friends who overreact. hell, we all overreact. but it seems to be running rampant lately.

my one friend...she's a hypochondriac. i haven't talked to her in 7 yrs on the phone when the conversation hasn't started with some account of a physical complaint. some of her ailments are real, but sometimes i wonder if most of them aren't just cries for attention. or if she's just so used to complaining, it comes natural to her, and she wouldn't have anything to talk about if she didn't complain! or, she's just crying out for attention...and figures this is the only way to get it. i don't know. i know she's under a therapists care...but sheesh.

my other friend has 2 young kids...boys. both with very large personalities at almost 2 and almost 5 and sometimes she gets overwhelmed. maybe i can't specifically relate, but we certainly can understand that. but, when she comes out with us, for coffee, dinner, whatever - adult gatherings - she brings her kids - who kind of need supervision and she doesn't realize that we're not there to babysit her kids to give her a break. we're there to all reconnect with each other - which doesn't happen often. most times, she sort of just dumps them where we are, but, doesn't really keep an eye on them. frankly, hardly pays attention to them. so...when the kids get into stuff, or get loud and one of us tries to stop the madness - she gets upset, as if we're criticizing her, when we're just saying perhaps that they should be careful, and maybe we (ok, really SHE) need(s) to pay more attention. she immediately jumps up, and leaves immediately. and suddenly, we her friends, are the bad guys because we aren't bringing our kids to adult get togethers, or we aren't taking the responsibility of watching her kids' every move!!

we know she has it hard. her husband doesn't help much. doesn't make things easy. but...i think it would behoove her to find a reliable babysitter or two, so she can have a break, and so that she can get away now and then. you know?

and then there's my hubby. whom i adore. but you look crosseyed NEAR him and he can take it the wrong way - as if i (or whomever) is commenting something negative about him. sometimes, he is soooo overly sensitive and overreacts - i hardly can breathe without doing it the wrong way. LOL. oh, but i love him. life is a real, real test sometimes.

got some peeves about me? ok. let me have 'em. LOL i can take it. i promise i won't overreact. ;)


Janis said...

Yeah, I've got a bone to pick with pet peeve about you live to far away from me!!!

Love ya Pallie!!

token said...

I could so say the same thing, but instead I will leave you with these:

"Acceptance does not mean approval."

"You can't change what happens only how you react to it."

"Act if you already are the person you most want to be."

These are like mantras for me. They are so true and so helpful...pass them on!

melanie said...

I am SOOOO guilty of not watching my kids every move when I go out somewhere. I rarely go out because of that. Single motherhood is sooo stressful. I can't relax when I am in other peoples homes, because I have to worry about what they have lying about that is of interest to a little man. And hiring a babysitter costs me more than it would while i was out. at 14 an hour, i would be spending close to 60 just so i could have a four hour break. well, i could have a new pair of shoes for that price. :wink:

anywhooo! pet peeves: liars, cheats, and men who take "advantage" of women.

that pretty much sums it up! sorry about the semi-rant. I realize its not all about me... sometimes! LOL.