Tuesday, May 01, 2007

12 hrs to make a decision...

i have 3 lovely 7 yr old cats. 2 spayed, 1 neutered. all indoor only kitties.

we have 2 sweet (as yet unperfectly trained) boston terriers who we love, too.

today, while stopping at a local pet supply and pet store i met a lovely 6 month old neutered male kitty, deaf in one ear. sweet as can be. all shots. fell in love instantly. he's available for adoption.

i got the go ahead from the husband to do what i want.

do i adopt this boy?

do i leave well enough alone?

i'm very torn and need help deciding. i need to make a decision by 10 am tomorrow morning. 5/2.



bhd said...

Two cats is critical mass for me. (And I can't even have two cats at this point, but oh well.) My vet-tech friend tells me that more than 2 cats is a recipe for "outside the litter box" events.

If it were me, I'd pass. But you have lots of love to give them. So I can't help you decide.

Good luck!

melanie said...

I went to the animal fair.. the birds and the beasts were there.

No more animals. you have enough on your plate for now.

just my opinion. :hug: