Tuesday, March 27, 2007

still here


haven't felt like writing much lately. been very, very tired. but, i believe spring has sprung. and that makes me feel better. of course, here in buffalo, we can never rule out winter coming back sometime before the end of april...so i'm not holding my breath.

tomorrow, i go to a sleep center and get tested for apnea or whatever. have to be there from 9 PM thru 5:30 AM. never done this so it will be weird. but this is all part of the testing i have to have done before june, my appointment with the surgeon.

still, more to talk about with all that but i don't feel like it just yet.

hope you all are well!!


The CEO said...

I have sleep apnea. I sleep with a CPAP machine. The sleep study is pretty easy. They wire you up so they can measure your breathing while you sleep. That's how they tell if you have apnea or not. It was the best night's sleep I had in a long time.

Melanie said...

my dad sleeps with one of the machines too. I fear that I will someday have to get tested for apnea. good luck!


Mississippi Songbird said...

Oh, I hope the testing went well.