Friday, January 19, 2007

Health Update

well, i don't have Cushing's Syndrome, i think.

i called my doctor's office to find out if they had the lab results. after much holding and explaining over and over who i was and what i was looking for, the clerk said that though she can't read the lab results, the doctor wrote "OK" on them. i asked if he would be calling me to explain and she said no because there is nothing wrong with the lab results. so, i'm taking this to mean i don't have cushing's.

my referal letters and applications are in transcription. so...i guess the process is going along ok.

my new insurance cards should be here today, they were mailed on the 12th.

so...i wait.


Mississippi Songbird said...

I'm so glad the doctor gave you an OKAY!


Lynne said...

Good news on the lab results. If you want more information, call your doctor's office and speak to a nurse. She can give you the actual results and tell you what they mean.

BTW - I started South Beach today. I spent all morning cutting veggies and cooking up stuff.

melanie said...

this is good information I take it? One step closer.