Thursday, December 21, 2006

Justin Timberlake?

ok, i have to admit here to channel surfing the other night while organizing some photos on my flickr account and saving them in sets on my harddrive. i stopped at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show because Justin Timberlake caught my attention. those of you who know me, know i have pretty eclectic taste in music. however, that does not mean i will listen to absolutely anything - i guess i'm kind of picky and even a music snob sometimes. i was rivited by mr. timberlake's performance - this guy is f-ing talented with a CAPITAL T!! i had to watch the entire show just so i could see him do his stuff. i really liked his music, and by gosh was he fun to watch dance! i thought to myself, this guy must have been a michael jackson fan back in his heyday. (i'm not a mid to late 80's - 90's michael fan.) and justin, i think, is BETTER. the dancing was phenomenal, and the songs were catchy, smart and hip.

then it hit me. i was watching justin timberlake on the birthday of keith richards (one of my musical heros). is that wrong? i hope not.

so, on my new musical amazon wishlist i'm putting the following:

justin timberlake's newest cd, and maybe his other(s) (not n'sync, though...)
common's cd
gnarls barkley (i had that on my secret santa wishlist for our work gift exchange, but got a Target gift certificat instead. not too shabby.)

please don't tell keith.

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Alison said...

I remember being impressed by watching Justin Timberlake host SNL.

And keep your eyes out for an e-mail from me.