Monday, December 04, 2006

Calling For Help & Updates

A Journal Entry Calling for Help

I am taking this directly from a journal post on Radioparadise’s Journals section. I would be very grateful if you would take the time to not only read it, but check out the linked journal as well.

“My dear, dear friend of 28 years, Sandy, has been diagnosed with a rare thyroid cancer. She is currently receiving treatment at a comprehensive cancer care center in Phoenix. Her bill at the clinic has reached nearly $12,000 and they will soon have to discontinue treatment unless we can get some serious money to them. They have been most kind in allowing Sandy to receive treatment with the promise to pay and have grown to love her like her friends and family do! And her progress has been remarkable!


About 40 of her friends and family have organized a raffle, each of those 40 will have donated prizes before the drawing happens. Right now we have about 26 prizes on the website and prizes are being added as I write! There will be 40 prizes, minimum, and all prizes are worth from $200-2400.

Please help me help my friend. Visit her website and please, please, buy some tickets!

If you take the time to check out her website, I think you'll know why she is so loved, and hopefully, you'll be moved to participate!

Thank you all for the time you took to read this.”

Hopefully, with the help of some generous readers, we can make a dent in sending Sandy some help.

In other news:

I went to Erie this weekend to spend time with my friend Celeste and see the wedding dress she picked out for upcoming her May nuptials, and see the colors she has picked for the bridesmaids/matron of honor (that’s me). Her dress is beautiful (so not me, but that’s the point!) and I love the “lettuce” color she’s picked for us. All 3 of the bridesmaids are wearing different dresses in the same color from the same vendor, which is nice. This will be a very formal evening wedding. C & D (her fianc√©) have been together for over 7 years and have been waiting for the perfect time for their wedding as D is in rotations as an intern for Neurosurgery.

H spent the weekend alone with the puppies (and cats, but they take care of themselves, basically) and I think his worries that the dogs weren’t liking day-care and that it was changing their personalities are gone now. They were back to normal, rambunctious, active sweet and funny. So, he realizes they aren’t depressed and sad when they come home, they’re just TIRED OUT.  SO, I’m happy that we’re continuing with the doggy day-care. Thrilled, actually!! They hate going potty outside in the cold and the snow/rain, but they’re doing much better.

Saw a great movie with Celeste while in Erie: The Departed. I really, really enjoyed this and highly recommend it. It stars Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matt Damon. It is a departure roll for Damon, as he’s usually the good guy…that’s all I’ll say. I was not a huge DiCaprio fan prior to this…he just never appealed to me, even though I can’t dismiss his talent. HOWEVER, in this film – I’ve become a true fan. He’s also physically grown into his talent. The “boy” is gone, and in his place is a taller, more physical, male actor worth his chops. I’m a fan. Also, anyone who knows me, knows I am over the moon over Alec Baldwin – and it was a nice surprise to see him in this movie as well. Other favorites were in the cast, too – Mark Wahlberg and Martin Sheen. I liked this movie enough to see it in the theater again. While watching, I kept thinking – wow, I like this almost as much as The Usual Suspects…it was that kind of twisted, “pay close attention” movie. There was one flaw in it, but it’s not worth mentioning and I don’t think that the average movie-goer would notice. I’m picky, sometimes and want things to unravel perfectly (as in The Usual Suspects) or be as perfect as it should be. The flaw, however, didn’t detract from my positive feelings about this movie. I saw it Friday night, and have been thinking about it ever since and wondering when I can find time to go back to the theater to see it. THAT’s a good movie.

We had ice this morning on the way to work, and it was kind of treacherous…and this is just the beginning. I heard on the radio between 6 – 12 inches are expected in our county today and overnight. OH JOY.

I think that about does it for my news and updates.

Happy Monday, everyone, and let’s be careful out there!

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