Wednesday, December 27, 2006

In The News

Lots of news items today...

yesterday, i gave my 2 weeks notice at last day will be january 5! YAY!!! so far, no future employment as of yet, but i will be selling jewelry and possibly going back to school if we can afford it. i'm looking into employment opportunities at Fredonia U., part of the SUNY system - awesome group of schools. i'm also looking into getting lap-band we'll see when/if that happens. the kalieda network of hospitals and surgeons in the buffalo area is very well respected, and they have had very good reviews and results for this type of surgery (less invasive than gastric bypass, in case you haven't heard of it).

in other news:

teddy has been sick since we picked him up from the sitters on monday afternoon. :( he has definitely lost weight, and is pooping a product that i can only describe as softserve vanilla icecream when half melted. it isn't comfortable for him, and it is very messy/stinky for us. poor thing. he is eating and drinking, and seems happy, if a bit tired, so this is good news. i have an appointment at the vet today at 3:oo.

we are having furnace issues. in fact, there is no heat being circulated through our home. after an estimate yesterday, seems that this furnace has been worked on many times and not only was it clogged with rust (um, why didn't this come up in home inspection when we bought this place?) the wire that goes to switching on the furnace was taped in very what it comes down to is we need a new motor or some kind of part to get it working again. good news is that this is only going to cost us $300 or so including labor. better than shelling out more for a new furnace. sheesh!

i guess there goes my hopes for a new washer/dryer that we were going to purchase this weekend! of course, we may just get the dryer...washer seems to work fine, it is the dryer that doesn't dry things (yes, we've made sure the lint catchers are cleaned out and all other areas, this is an old dryer we got second hand, so it is just time.)

i know i'm forgetting something. OH!! (and it is always good to end on a positive note, right?) i have finally purchased my tickets to Port Townsend, WA to go see my dear friends cathy and mike in mid-March. i'll be there for st. patrick's day, and hopefully we'll have a belated birthday party for ca-ca. YAY!!!


The CEO said...

I don't know anything at all about lap band surgery.

Separately, did you ever decide on coming to DC to see that band?

rebecca said...

what band was that???