Thursday, December 28, 2006

Good News Is Always Good

SO....Teddy is doing much better, as is Stella who seems to have had a bit of the Ick, too. doctor said it was probably brought on by stress from being away from us for a while, new environment, new stimulation etc. we got some meds to put them on for 5 days and special, gentle food for gastrointestinal issues. they didn't think he was in any pain, there was no blockage or anything and the weight loss is noticeable because he's so muscular and can happen even with a day or two of the bug. no dehydration issues. all good news.

furnace is finally fixed, if for the moment. seems that this darn thing was really "gerry-rigged" by the former owner (we bought the house after it was on the market for a year, and the seller got it from an auction sale. so it had little TLC for about 2 yrs...and the builder is the son of our neighbor who has a rep for doing mechanical things like this kind of half-assed.) while that's not great news, this was an easy fix for less than we expected. we have two other parts on order for possible future problems (we have the wrong igniter, apparently) which will be in in a week or so. in the meantime, things are working and we have heat again!

i am finally relaxing. H is in the garage with the dogs, playing and watching the hockey game. I've written some thank you notes, and tomorrow i have a big day. hair cut/color at 11, then home to cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and laundry.

new years' plans are as follows: cold duck, prime rib with trimmings at meg and Carl's, ringing the new year in their tiki bar afterwards with more cold duck, great music etc. first year as a married woman. to the right man. i feel good about the future, as uncertain as it is for me professionally right now.

i hope all of you, however you spend your new years' eve, have a wonderful and safe evening, and a fabulous 2007.


mist1 said...

I'm glad I read this blog before the 31st. I hadn't worked food into the plans.

The CEO said...

Happy New year! Love the hair....