Monday, November 27, 2006

A Post Thanksgiving Post


i am so thankful for so many things...this has been a wonderful year. from the new house, to the new puppies, to the new marriage. my blessings have been bountiful.

thanksgiving was very nice and relaxing with my parents. i think they really enjoyed it. we enjoyed having them, though it was a relatively quick visit. we will be going to pittsburgh from december 22 thru the 25, so we'll get to spend more time with them, and see some of my friends from home, as well. looking forward to it.

today was the first day of school for teddy and stella, the barkers, the boston terrier puppies. 8-9 months old, they're not so little anymore. they were absolutely wonderful in the car and i could tell they were very excited about the trip. when we got there, the woman who greeted us was someone i hadn't met, but she seemed very, very friendly and capable. i was very comfortable leaving them in her charge. i went over all their habits, good and bad, the toys i brought with them, and what they know and don't know, which is a lot. this woman had her two samoyans there with her, scarlett and jordan. oh my gosh! what GORGEOUS creatures they were. and so sweet. stella nearly had a fit, but i know she can hold her own. at least, she thinks she can. anyway...the lady took teddy and stella in the back as we went over payment and all the other things, and then i left. as i got out to my car, i saw the babies...looking at me from the pen outside with expressions that seemed to be saying "HEY!!! where are YOU going?? and why are you leaving us HERE???!!!" but, i know not only will they learn a lot (which is the main reason they're going - the owner is a boston terrier owner and breeder, and has big plans for these pups!) but they're going to have a ball. and, not any less important, they will be exhausted when they get home this evening. :) as i drove off, i almost got teary. was i abandoning my babies? is this how mom's feel on the first day of school? of course, i know they'll forget all about me 5 seconds after my car is out of sight....

so, here i am at home...enjoying the quiet. i've already done two loads of laundry and i'm about to vacuum and wash the kitchen floor. curves is calling me shortly, too.

yesterday, we picked up the two leather chairs and ottoman from Target...they all were on sale for $100 less than originally priced so, this was the time to do it. other than that, we stayed away from the crazy weekend shoppers that were still going strong from black friday...

i have pictures. i'm going to spend some time today learning to upload pictures from my camera to my laptop. perhaps this will call for another post later today.

wish me luck!

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