Thursday, November 16, 2006


So last night I had this kind of interesting dream about 3 guys with whom I went to high school. It seemed like we were in some kind of foreign country – like England or Spain or Italy (very hard to recall this part) and we were in college together – sharing the same class. We were waiting for class to begin and were hanging out in the library. Jeff (my friend who passed away a few years ago) was busy studying, Dave was doing the same and Jim was waiting for me to get my books and had saved me a seat at the table. I remember telling him that I wished that we were closer and that I would make every attempt to get to know his wife. We kidded around a lot in the dream. Lots of laughter. A little harmless flirtation. And a lot of unanswered curiosity by the time I woke up from the dream.

Jim and I have known each other since we were 2. He and his family lived about 3 doors down from us. We have been in the same grade and class from kindergarden on. We weren’t necessarily very close after grade school. His family moved a few miles away, but we were still in the same classes at school. He was always very nice to me. Very smart. He always had a girlfriend and I was never romantically interested in Jim – and, as I said – we were never very close throughout high school. However, he’s been popping up in my dreams in the last year. Nothing more specific in the dreams except a feeling of always being drawn to be close to him. Even, to date him (in the dreams). I have no idea why I am dreaming about this guy whom I have never entertained anything but platonic thoughts about. It’s weird, but not disturbing. It just makes me curious about what he’s doing, where he is, and how his life is.

Maybe some people would think this is some kind of sign that I should contact him and see how he is doing. I don’t think that would be received as anything but very strange…like “Boy, Becky really has gotten odd since high-school, hasn’t she?” So, I’m not about to write or call him or look he and his wife up the next time I’m home.

On another note, I have been doing some thinking about what to get Trish’s kids for Christmas. Jackson (Jack) is 13. He has a guitar and is very into music and reading. Trish says that he would enjoy some cds, and is into bands like System of A Down. So, I figure I’ll get him a cd of that band and along those lines or genre I’m also going to get him my favorite Soundgarden cd, Badmotorfinger. Just for fun I’m going to pick up Radiohead’s OK Computer & The Bends, and Soul Coughing’s Ruby Vroom to introduce him to that stuff for fun. I think he’ll appreciate it, he’s very cerebral. Harry who is 10 is very much into magic. I’m going to look for a book on magic (not a fictional book, but a book on magic – how to’s etc.) for him, and perhaps some kind of magic “kit”….but if any of you have any advice/suggestions for this stuff, please PLEASE let me know. Maggie is 7 and is very much a girly-girl, her mom says, but likes things girls a lot older than she is likes. So, I thought I might get her a couple jewelry/bead kits to make her own bracelets or necklaces, that kind of thing. I think she would like that. And a bubble bath or something. Teddi, who is 5, likes anything her sister Maggie likes, but is also very much into stuffed animals and dolls – so that is easy peasy. YAY! We’re going to get Trish some gift certificates to Old Navy and Victoria’s Secret for after her surgery in January. I think it will make her feel really good to buy something new for herself at that point. This all feels really good to me.

Also, my friend Kris from radioparadise has made a painting/portrait of me for H for his Christmas present from me. It is one of a kind and I couldn’t be more pleased. H will be really surprised. He loves this kind of thing.

No news yet at work….not that I’m surprised. Still hopeful, though.


The CEO said...

It's amazing that there's absolutely nothing that you can think of to blog about, I believe I have an e mail to confirm that, while I struggle to find two sentences.

What's worse is that you have a life on top of it. Now, I'm REALLY jealous. Harrumpf

The CEO said...

Nobody sends me gift certificates to Victoria's Secret. snif

melanie said...

a K.D. original!? nice!

Christmas presents.. UGGGGG. I do need to start thinking about it though.

mist1 said...

Somebody should really immortalize me in a portrait. I mean, with my clothes on this time.

Alison said...

What Mel said: a K.D original? Wow!

Brooklyn Frank said...

mist1 said...

Somebody should really immortalize me in a portrait. I mean, with my clothes on this time.

That would be a crime against art. and nekkidness.

rebecca said...

dear CEO:

if you decide to get a boob lift and tummy tuck after giving birth to 4 lovely babies within 10 yrs, i will send you a victoria's secret gift cert.

much love,