Tuesday, September 05, 2006


a new MEME (btw...any help with finding a listing or site of MEMEs would be awesome!)

One place you’d like to visit? One?....Italy
A favorite philosopher (need not be serious)? Milan Kundera. Serious (philosophical author)
Favorite color(s)? Greys of any shade, and silvers, then reds-not maroon/wine, but good rich blood or cherry or fire engine reds.
The last time you stubbed your toe? When we moved in May, I got up in the middle of the night and I was navigating the bed’s new position…
One movie and one movie only? Crap. This is tough. First instinct was Fletch, but I’m thinking Usual Suspects. Different genres, I know.
One song that describes how you feel right now? Stealers Wheel’s Stuck In The Middle With You.


newwavegurly said...

This isn't for memes, but for quizzes and other blog stuff:

Why not make up your own meme? I think many of us have done that at one point or another...

b said...

1. Kiev
2. John Clese (Alas, Douglas Adams is dead...)
4. A month ago, dining room chair.
3. Black Blues Yellows Fuchschia.
5. Steve Buscemi (hah!)
6. "Sister Blue" by Mindfunk

Oh, I changed my background - hopefully your eyes will dilate more gently, and your retinae shall be soothed.

rebecca said...

hey NWG - totally don't know what MEME actually stands for, but i bet i could wing it in making up my own. good idea!