Friday, September 01, 2006

man...this sucked.

i have had sooo many occasions in the last 2 or 3 weeks that i've wanted to blog about, but i totally wiped my cookies and forgot my blog i.d. AND password and to which e-mail i signed up for the blog....feeling much like the died blonde that i am.

anyway, what spawned this entry? i just read the coolest blog. guy by the name of mark lansing. his blog:

found him by reading about mark deming from, which lead me to google him, and found many different links of his writings etc......

i think i found another musical soul matey in deming, though.
he mentions in one of his writings the following music - which kicks ass, if you ask me.

13th floor elevators
richard hell and the voidoids
big star
loyd cole
new york dolls
dead boys
james brown
and mentions the songs: Mother Popcorn, Kick Out The Jams, Pictures of Lily and, Rocks Off....

i found my musical twin.

i love when this happens because it doesn't often happen.


Mark Lansing said...

Hey, Rebecca ...

Hi, I'm Mark Deming, and yes, I am also Mark Lansing. It's a nickname I picked up while singing in a now-defunct band several years back. I'm also the guy who writes for AMG -- glad you like my writing, both professional and amaetur. And congratulations on having such fine taste in music! :)

Buzz me back and stay in touch.

Mark D.

Alison said...

Glad you got your Blogger info back!

And cool about your musical twin!