Wednesday, July 11, 2007

a boring update

so, finally, we have a fence and a cleaned up yard. what should have been a 4 day job took 3+ weeks due to, in my opinion, work ethic. so be it, it's done.

dogs are thrilled, loving life - it is a whole new world out there for them. AND this has almost completely taken care of the housebreaking problem. thank god.

my parents came to town for my birthday for the weekend (june 30) and we had a great time celebrating mine, my father's and my husband's birthdays. last week, H was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. the day after, i was diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis. H is almost completely healthy. my antibiotics were only for 5 days, and yesterday i was without, and i feel like i'm getting the crud all over again. luckily, the dr called in more antibiotics for me, and the wonderful musinex d, so i hopefully will be on the mend soon. i'm sick of being sick. it is boring and annoying.

i was to start 2 classes this week at the CEPA Gallery in downtown buffalo. monday was the intro to photoshop class, and wednesday (today) the intro to digital point n shoot photography. well. i went to monday night's class. this was supposed to be for beginners. everyone else (6 people) had used photoshop before or currently uses it for work. and, there were no PCs. all Macs. i felt handicapped throughout the class - and so, after much disappointment and talking it over with H - i decided to get my money back from this class. i won't get out of it what i want to, because i'll be asking for help navigating a Mac, while trying to learn photoshop too, and the instructor doesn't have time to handhold me while keeping the other students happy at a faster pace because they know Macs and a bit about the software. i am very sad about this, but i'll get over it. i did look at community colleges and other colleges/universities in the area before i signed up for this class - but noone else was offering intro classes. so i took a chance. oh well. oh, and the intro to point and shoot digital photography class on wednesdays? it is cancelled. i was the only one who signed up for it. :(

so, i will eventually get myself Photoshop, and learn it on my own. i'm also going to try to search again for intro photography classes around. i'd been looking forward to this since march, and had to wait until june for these classes to be scheduled in july. so we'll see how long before i can jump into what i really want to as far as classes like these.

next week i'm going on thursday through sunday to cape cod to visit H's older sister Susan and her daughter and husband. not supposed to have favorites, but of H's siblings, she's the one i like the most, and is the farthest away. this is another reason why i want to get healthy quickly. i don't want to go away feeling like this, and then pass it on. plus, my surgery is coming soon, and i want to be as healthy as possible for that!

picked up a new "hobby" from my mom when she was here. embroidering with beads. it is fun. i'm still getting the hang of it, but it will definitely keep me busy while i'm recouperating from the surgery.

well, that's pretty much all that's going on in my world these days. like i said, boring. snoozefest. what can you do?


winter said...

Feel better soon, Rebecca!

token said...

I've been sick a lot this year, too. I wonder if it is the stress of our upcoming and finally over surgery?

I'm tired of being sick. I've never used so many sick days in my life!h

melanie said...

there are lots of great tutorials online for Photoshop if you look around. And they make some excellent books too. Would be good for reading during recovery as well.

interested to hear more about the bead embroidery though.

Mississippi Songbird said...

embroidering is fun. I used to cross-stitch, until my arthritis stopped me...
Sometimes, I love those boring days.. Sometimes too much excitement and not enough of the good excitement can happen..
Bunches of hugs...

::Zissy:: said...

omgoodness I am so sorry that the two of you haven't felt well. Feel better soon.

As for photoshop there are free online classes so don't spend money on that. Just google it and you will come up with tons. I like Paint Shop Pro 9 myself but don't spend money to learn these programs. :)

Hugs, Zissy