Friday, April 06, 2007


so, today is day 5 on my version of the south beach diet.

no cheating.

doing really well.

decided...i really like fish a lot. i mean, i knew i liked fish fry, but this is different. grilled, flaky, garlic and lemony fish. yummy yummy yummy.

i'm still feeling like i'm missing carbs...but not so bad that i've cheated or felt like cheating. carbs are my downfall. it was mostly what got me where i am. so, i'm chugging along. not feeling like i'm being perfect, taking one day at a time.

i probably won't be talking about it a lot because i think it is boring to talk about and i also don't want to jinx myself. so, i won't be blogging about it anymore until there is something major to talk about in my weightloss journey.

thanks for the well wishes and the encouragement. it means a lot!

happy easter to everyone! eat some chocolate for me!!!


Mississippi Songbird said...

Happy Easter to you too, Sweetie
I'm dieting too.. Although I have sneaked some chocolate.
I am ready for the COLD weather to go away. It's hard for me to walk out in the freezing cold weather. I just won't do it. I refuse.
I love the sunshine!

God Bless You..
You're doing GREAT!

rebecca said...

aww :hug:

yeah, i'm ready for the cold to go away. but it looks like it is here to stay at least for another week or so. i saw the forecast and it has the graphic for snow each day thru thursday of next week - i didn't look past that or closer to see how much. in my mind, it is spring and this white stuff should stop already!

Melanie said...

I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying some of your diet anyway. that is always an encouraging step to a more whole you.

I have a difficult time avoiding carbs, so I did weight watchers. that way I can have a few here or there, and satisfy that urge.

Okay dear. keep up the spirits and the good work. :goodvibes: :hug: