Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Classmates, etc.

so a month or so ago, i decided to join but, i didn't want to pay for the full membership. all the sudden, i got an email from someone on the site, and couldn't retrieve it until i joined fully. so i did. i have reconnected with a peripheral (meaning, we weren't really close in high school, but i've known him all my early school years) friend who is in thailand in the military and has been in the army for about 17 years. it was really nice to reconnect with him. as much as we change, i find that we also stay the same at the core. this was a really nice surprise. so, i took a chance and wrote to 3 other people on the site...and we'll see what happens. none of my really good friends from school are on (but then again, i kept in touch with those i was close with, and don't really need for this) but it sure is an interesting experience.

other than that...i think i have a laptop issue. i can't get my computer to connect to the server every time i turn it on. i have to reboot, restart the modem...yadda, yadda, yadda, almost every time i want to get online. it has been VERY annoying to say the least.

we have spybot and virus protection. both are working. unfortunately, something else is amiss and it is pissing me off.

anyway...yesterday i went to the pet supply store to get some nylabones for the dogs and a new bed. this is a privately owned store that has a range of things for every pet imaginable. they also have w in-store living kitties, very sweet, and a ton of different colorful birds, not for sale. often, they do have bunnies, ferrets, guinea pigs etc for sale. yesterday, they had two sweet rat terrier 9 wk old puppies. so sweet. stole my heart. sigh. i'll never get another terrier again, but boy did they respond to me and they were the cutest things ever. sigh.

we're quite happy with the puppies (i guess they're dogs now) and the 3 kitties. but man...i'm a sucker. and i want a new kitten so badly. it isn't going to happen, but it is fun to dream.

still doing great on the south beach (only bent my will twice in the 3 weeks i've been on it) don't know what i've lost, but i feel good. and, i love swordfish and tilapia!!! i have the appointment with the dietician on friday. so i'll find out then. i still have some lab work to get done, the psych evaluation, and i have to step up the exercise. next appointment is with the actual surgeon on june 6 where he rates my progress and all my testing, goes over it all with me, and hopefully schedules my surgery. we'll see what happens.

other than that, we're gearing up for a new fence for the back yard (YAY! puppies are going to go nuts!) and getting the deck done. and i bought a bunch of bins last week so i can store my seasonal clothes, and put away all the CLUTTER that has been lying around our house and garage. we have this pristine half basement that we will put things in, once they are stored properly. finally, putting it to use, and giving us MORE ROOM in the house that has so little storage.

well...that's my update. hope it didn't bore you to tears!


Lynne said...

I have used I found my best friend from high school on there, also an old boyfriend. When our HS had the last reunion, the planners used classmates to get the word out.

I'm a sucker for puppies and kittens too. I have to stay away from the local pet store when they have the adoptions on weekends. We have enough with Maggie and Teddy.

Glad to hear that you're doing good with South Beach. I've given up for a while. Maybe closer to summer.

Your dogs will love a fenced yard! Maggie and Teddy love to stay outside and lie (lay?) in the sun.

And, no, you didn't bore me to tears!

melanie said...

i never signed up for it. I am happy you have reconnected with someone, that is great!

I am happy to hear the diet is coming along. I look forward to your success there.

a HUG for today.

Alison said...

Just wanted to say hey.