Tuesday, March 13, 2007


i haven't been blogging much lately - just have had a lot on my mind that i haven't been really comfortable blogging about.

maybe i will sometime soon.

but, for now i thought i'd tell you that i'm very excited about my trip tomorrow to port townsend, washington to see some dear friends - mike and cathy (cathy of blueherondruid) whom i have not seen in almost 3 yrs. sheesh.

lots of stress in my house in regard to my trip, and some other things...but i hope that will fade with time.

i hate stress. it stresses me out, and makes me question myself, my choices, the validity of my feelings, and lord knows what else it does to me.

anyway...i will talk to you all when i return after thursday of next week.

you all be safe and good to each other!!


Lynne said...

Rebecca - Hope you have a wonderful trip. Relax and unwind.

bhd said...

Yep. Stress sure is stressful. No stress here - trust me. It be peaceful! *hugs*

ptooey said...

Have a great trip!

Melanie said...

have a great trip! jealous.

Hug cathy for me.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Gosh.. Have a wonderfulm and safe trip. See a later..

violetlady said...

I heard that Pt. Townsend is wonderful. I hope to get to Washington someday. Have a great trip.

When stress is overwhelming, remember to BREATHE. (At least that is what people tell me.)