Wednesday, February 07, 2007


i spoke in passing to ali from alithinks a couple days ago and it prompted a purchase that i've been meaning to do for some time.

why is it that i always forget about socks? i have a lot of athletic socks for curves to wear with my sneaks, and trouser socks to wear with slacks to the office (which i don't need to wear anymore since i don't go to an office any longer.) but i have never had reasonable socks to wear with jeans or pants or whatever casual wear. i just never purchased any.

i looked online for decent, lowpriced socks that weren't too novelty-ish but fun.

i hit the motherload at

ladies fashion knee socks at 20% off. woohoo!!! i should get about 7 pair in the mail in about 2 wks or less. YAY.

who gets this excited about socks?

yeah, i guess being snowed in is starting to affect me. the good news is that the sun is out! maybe some of this madness will melt.


edieraye said...

Costco. I'm always tempted by the socks at Costco. And REI. I like hiking socks. I don't actually hike. But I like the thick woolen ones. The ones that are much to hot to actually wear in Texas.

rebecca said...

send me some of those edieraye...i could use 'em. i don't hike, but i have to hike through 3 ft of snow to get to my mailbox....

WanderingGirl said...

I heart socks. Seriously.