Sunday, February 11, 2007


i woke up early, as i always do - damn body clock or dogs to blame, not sure which went off first.

but, i woke up with a killer headache. i am hoping this passes soon.

we got the driveway plowed yesterday, and have a contract with the guy now that he'll come every time there is a 6 inch snowfall and will bill us at the end of the season. this is a much better deal than us forking up $800-$900 for a snowblower. very, very reasonable contract and we found him in the Pennysaver. i love the pennysaver - if you don't have one in your area, it is like a local little newspaper - just with advertisements for local businesses, classifieds etc. i've used this more than i can say with great results.

this means my car is finally dug out of the snow that it has been buried in since last saturday night. i would be mobile, but we had to take H's saab in for some work yesterday, and we won't have it back until possibly tuesday. oh well.

dogs are getting very restless and bored. i'm really hoping that this week we can take them to the daycare/school for a little exercise and interaction time. i know they miss it, big time. we do as much as we can for them at home - lots of play-time in the garage and kitchen with us (they don't like the snow outside, which is a problem for walking them) but it isn't enough for these babies.

i'm getting excited that my trip to Port Townsend, WA is coming up in about a month. not only will i get to see my dear friends mike and cathy, but i think my visit is overlapping with a couple more RP'ers, Buzz and Jrzy. i'm looking forward to seeing them and talking to buzz about macro photography.

i've ordered a couple books that should be here this week - on macro photography, and i want to read up on it before we make any new camera and macro lens purchases.

i think my headache is subsiding, so i'm going to go back to the book i was reading.

hope all of you have had a nice weekend.


Lynne said...

What's macro photography? Good deal about the snow plowing contract. Murphy's law - if you went out and bought a snowblower, it would never snow again! Hope your headache is better. What are you reading?

rebecca said...

hi lynne!

headache ALL gone! yay! the trick was reading for a while!

i'm reading Echo Burning by Lee Childs. been on a kick by this author. my mom gave me several books. has a reocurring character in them. so i like that. mysteries.

macro photography - the best way i can explain it is it is detail photography - close up photography.

see this link:

bhd said...

Maybe you'll get to meet a new puppy, too.