Wednesday, January 17, 2007

South Beach Diet Q&A Help Needed

i got a couple south beach diet books recently. i was looking at the meal plans, and i understand success is attributed to how you follow the plan, especially within the first 2 weeks (phase 1).

i'm wondering if anyone has had success with the south beach diet? and, if you have, if you have any information on food substitutions.

there are a few things i will not eat that are on the weekly meals. i'm not adverse to trying new things, however i know myself, and there are certain things i will not eat.

here's my list:
ricotta cheese
cottage cheese
tuna of any kind
garbanzo beans
vegetable juice
tomato juice
Canadian bacon

yes, trust me, i'm quite aware that i'm weird.

what i'm wondering is if anyone has any substitution suggestions/information on the above foods???

and a few vegetables i will not eat cooked, but will eat raw (and i need to know if that is allowed - to enjoy them raw but not cooked, if anyone knows):

veggies i like steamed or grilled (but not cooked):
green pepper

and i like shrimp, but only grilled or cold - not stuffed or in a salad.

SOOOOO a shout out for help. that would be MUCH appreciated. (my online searches for these questions or substitutions are not coming up with anything, though i admittedly am not the best searcher...)

thank you in advance!


Lynne said...

I did South Beach for a few weeks (Phase I) and lost weight. I used it as a jump start then went back to counting WW points. Sounds like you have the original South Beach Diet book, that has the daily menus. Do you also have the Good Fats, Good Carbs Guide? That one is really helpful in listing different things that are allowed in each phase.

You mentioned that you won’t eat ricotta cheese. In the original book, there are recipes on pages 180-182 for desserts using ricotta. The lemon zest one is really good and I don’t like ricotta much either. I used lemon extract instead of vanilla to give it a really lemony taste. You don’t even know you’re eating cheese.

Vegetables – it shouldn’t matter if they’re raw or cooked, probably better for you if they’re raw. Salads are great – just watch the dressing. Use oil and vinegar.

I thought I would hate V-8, but drank it anyway and started to really like it. Something I liked for breakfast (or any meal) – Vegetable Quiche cups (page 134). I made a bunch of them and kept them in the refrigerator.

On pages 126-127 are lists of good and bad foods for Phase I. Use these as a guide. You don’t have to follow the meal plans. They are only suggestions, so tweak them as you need. Be sure to get some protein each day, and watch the bad foods – a lot of starches, sugars and fats.

I found that once I had the foods in the house and started making some things to keep on hand, it wasn’t a hard plan to follow. Again, I didn’t follow the meal plans as written. Good to keep on hand – string cheese and Laughing Cow cheese, sugar-free jello, salad stuff.

Good luck doing this. You’ve got me interested too – I’m going to start stocking up on foods that I can eat and I’ll do this with you!

edieraye said...

OK, so Lynne said everything and more that I was going to say. Never been on much of a diet myself but have helped my husband through most that are around. We are back to eating well-balanced meals consisting of as little processed foods as possible and specifically watching portion control. He and some buddies all but $250 into a pot so they are serious this time.

My only adivce, you can never go wrong with fresh veggies. Good luck!

rebecca said...

thanks edie! :)

and lynne *hug* for you.
i really appreciate your post and your help. i am so glad you keep coming back. i have GOT to fix that link to your blog on my blogroll. sorry about that.

in any case - keep me posted. i'm going to also run a running commentary here on my (hopeful) success with it.

Lynne said...

I just made a South Beach shopping list. I need to get a few more things, then I'm going to start on Sunday. Good luck to us!

rebecca said...

H and i are starting February 1st, together! i'm looking forward to snacking on raw almonds. mmm.

ali helped out a lot with substitutions:
plain yogurt for ricotta
mustard/cream cheese for mayo
etc etc.

i feel a lot better about it now. :)

Mark Lansing said...

Anyone who says no to cheese says no to life. Or at least that's what I say. I'm with you on mushrooms and mayonaise, though. Feh!

Regarding Piers Faccini -- so far the guy only has one album readily available in the States, "Tearing Sky," and that's as good a place as any to start. I think some of the stuf he did with Charley Marlowe is still available in the UK, but I'm not all that familiar with it, so you're on your own with that, I'm afraid.

And I like Shuggie Otis -- funky guy, great guitar player, real interesting musical outlook. (His dad was cool as hell, too.) "Inspiration Information" is generally regarded as his best album, and I'd go along with that. It's also in print, unlike much of his other stuff (there is a compilation out of his earlier stuff for Columbia, "Shuggie's Boogie"), so I say pick it up if you haven't already.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this finds you well.

Mark Lansing/Deming/Whatever

rebecca said...

MARK!!! **hug**
thanks so much for commenting here.
AND for answering the questions i left on your blog.

i am absolutely going to check out Piers and Shuggie fo sho.