Monday, January 15, 2007

Blog Posting

there is a lot recently i've wanted to write about. but, i just haven't had the time since i've returned home.

my friend trish is doing ok. i fully believe she'll be fine. i helped her think things through and get organized. i let her cry. i made her laugh. i just wish i could be there more often...BUT i have her visit later in the month to look forward to. IF they can keep it scheduled. her soon to be ex is making things difficult and playing mind games at every corner. not fun. not predictable. but, she's handling it with a level head.

anyway...i did a lot of thinking about blogging, and have a few ideas about my next few blogs. and i will hopefully get this moving soon. this is a busy week - between closing and opening bank accounts, dental appointments, house-cleaning, dog training/and time spent with them...and i have to put off until next week my visit to fredonia's HR dept for an application. weather isn't cooperating anyway. i did fill out my pre-appointment application for both the dermatologist (early march) and the lengthy application for the lap-band possibility process. i had to write a letter to the team about my history and expectations, write a letter for my doctor requesting the information and referral. and now, i wait for my doctor's referrals etc. then, i send it all in to the surgery team and await either the invitation to the seminar or a rejection letter.

while i was with trish, i spoke to her good friend jodi who last year had gastric bypass surgery. she looks and feels great. i guess she has had no problems from beginning to end, and no bad side effects or issues. her life has changed for the better and she feels healthy. it was nice to be able to talk with her and i'm even more convinced that this process (lap band not gastric bypass) is right for me. though, if they tell me i'm a better fit for gastric bypass, i'm a little less scared of that possibility. so, we will see. my new blogging ideas...i think i'm going to try blog as a writing exercise rather than journaling my thoughts and daily events, though i'm sure i'll still do that to. I wand to do this as a descriptive exercise. describing the people who are important to me - to create a picture with words, so that the reader gets an image without a photo. a lot to take on, but i think it will be good for me to do this.

other than that - life is normal. and i'm busier now than when i was working.

the constant rain is depressing...but easier to deal with than snow and ice, which is due in a few hours. yes, winter returneth.

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Lynne said...

I love your idea to describe the people who mean a lot to you. I'll be anxious to read these blogs.

Glad to hear that your friend Trish is doing OK. It's a shame when soon-to-be-ex's have to make things even harder.