Monday, January 22, 2007

Administration Frustration

So, I got my new insurance card today. And, as I was told to do, I went to my Primary Care Physician's office to give it to them to copy for my file.

While I was there, I also wanted to check on the status of my referrals, plus all the information I needed the doctor to supply (labs, copies of office visits, etc.) that I need in order to send in the application to the surgeon in order to get reviewed and an invitation to the seminar at the beginning of each month.

SO, I get there...and Sharon, the receptionist, tells me that I could just bring my insurance card to my next office visit. I told her that I was told at my last office visit to bring it by for them to copy as soon as I got it. She didn't seem to pleased to do it. Whatever.

Then, I asked her what the status was of my referrals, that I was told were in transcription last Friday when I called. She then told me that they can do all insurance referrals online, all she needed was some information from me. I told her, that's great, but the referrals I needed are from my doctor, along with some information he needs to supply that I have to turn in with an application to the surgeon. She then keeps asking me what the surgical referral is for, other personal questions, while there is a full waiting room to hear her questions and my answers. I don't like repeating myself, which is what I had to do for the 3rd time, to this same woman. She basically said if I could give her my information, then she wouldn't have to get my file. But, if she got my file, I wouldn't have to go into this for the 4th time.

She asked my why I was seeing the dermatologist, and why I was going to see the surgeon...etc. etc. and when my appointment was for each. I told her about my appointment with the dermatologist on Feb 5 (it's actually March 2, but whatever) and explained, for the 5th time that I don't have an appointment yet with the surgeon, because I'm waiting for the referral from my doctor, along with all the other information necessary to send in with my application. And, until I get this stuff, I can't get any further in the process.

She pretty much ignored me and kept saying "no, we do the referrals online....and anything you need in writing we can mail in to the surgeon/doctors from here...." basically, wasn't listening to me, and just wanted me out of there.

Finally, I repeated again, (for the 5th time?) that I was told that what I needed was "in transcription" and I wanted to know when that would be ready, I would pick it up, and I would mail it in myself, along with my application etc. etc. etc.....

She then finally went to get my file. She looked at it. Then she asked me what I wanted copies of. I told her. She started copying things. Things I didn't need copied. I told her to stop. I showed her the application, she read it, we discussed what was needed from the doctor - as if she was hearing this for the first time. Then started saying "wow, I've never had to do this before..." and continued copying things that didn't need copying. I stopped her again. I explained. Again. What I needed. She had the nerve to say to me "we can do the insurance referrals online." I explained.....again....the need for written referrals, and other details, from my doctor. And she tells me, "they're in transcription. Once they're done with all the other patients' transcription, then they will get to this, and then we'll call you when it is finished, and we can mail out the referrals."


I had to again explain that I didn't want her to mail out anything, that I was going to collect the referrals, all the other required information to be supplied by the doctor and I would mail it myself. I asked her, as nicely as possible, if she had a time as far as when the transcription would be done. To which she answered taht "they're in transcription. Once they're done with all the other patients' transcription, then they will get to this, and then we'll call you when it is finished...."


Why don't I have confidence that I'm not going to get what I need? And if by some slim chance all this does actually get done, I bet I won't get a call that it is ready.

And that, things, though you have to follow procedures, administration headaches...that the process isn't going to go smoothly. It already isn't.

I know that I'm not in a life or death health situation, per se (depending on your opinion). I know that there are other more important things going on in other people's lives.

But, sheesh.

I can't even get things started. and there's not much I can do about it.

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Lynne said...

I hope you can get all this straightened out and get the papers that you need. I've worked in a doctor's office (I'm an RN), and I know that the "office procedures" can be a mess! Keep hounding them!