Wednesday, December 20, 2006


cookies cookies and cookies.

yesterday, i made those peanutbutter cookies with the hershey's kisses in them, because those are my old favorite xmas cookies. also, i tried a new recipe from someone on radioparadise for something he calls Hunky Dorys (pie crust dough, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, butter - rolled up, sliced & baked.) and it didn't turn out that great, but who cares? today, i will do BHD's walnut crisp cookies which are my new favorites (2 yrs running). they're a big hit at home and at the office.

today we have our xmas feast at the office, where everyone brings in a dish. i made the xmas pizza dip. ok, so it's a pizza dip that can be made any time of year.

2 philadelphia non-fat cream cheese bricks
1 cup sour cream
mix together and with spatula spread in casserole dish
sprinkle italian seasoning all over top of the spread
pour 1 small jar of pizza sauce overtop, spread across
add 1 - 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese (i use that low-fat part skim moz cheese)
bake uncovered at 350 for 20 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly.

serve with tortilla chips. mmmm.

so there's that.

today we do our "secret santa" gift exchange in our department. this year, i got our department head, the controller. all of us were given a slip of paper for a "wish list" to put items down on this for gift suggestions not exceeding $20. his gift ideas: slimmer waistline, more hair on head, and collar stays. gee, i wonder what i got him? (eyes rolling) so, i did get him a nice tie and a bunch of collar stays. sooooo original. whatever.

we're going to sewickley, pa for xmas this year (same as last) and i'm very excited about it. we are leaving at 3 pm or close to it on friday. the puppies will be taken to daycare that morning, with their food, dishes, beds, toys and treats and debbie, who works at the daycare, is taking them from friday through monday. she had 3 boston terriers of her own at her home, which is a farm, and has other dogs, too. so, not only will they have fun, but they'll learn a lot and be well cared for. the cats, well...they take care of themselves as we have the perpetual feeder that will be well stocked, and the perpetual water dish, also filled. and we'll probably have extra food and water dishes in the kitchen. they will love having the house to themselves, (meaning, sans dogs) but will miss us. it's only 3 nights, i keep saying to myself.

when we get there, we will check into our hotel (a much nicer one than we stayed in last year, thank goodness) as my parents don't have a guest room, which is fine. we'll meet up with trish, my closest and oldest friend, and we're taking her out to dinner and for drinks at Molly Brannigans! i'm so excited because we love the Molly Brannigans in erie...and just found out they have one in the pittsburgh area. great place, great atmosphere, and great irish food & beer selection. yay! plus, trish really needs a break. the upcoming divorce is turning out to be very ugly and nasty...and each time i speak to her on the phone she sounds more broken. and this is no wilting violet, my trish. she's strong, and one of the best people i know. the whole thing breaks my heart for her, and her 4 kids. this is trish and the girls from this summer.

saturday morning, hank and i will go to trish's to distribute xmas gifts to her kids. can't wait for that. the 2 girls absolutely adore hank. and i love them all.

saturday afternoon we'll chill....then meet my friends nicole and bill for dinner & drinks at max 'n ermas. i worked with bill and nicole at bayer corp for 7 yrs when i lived in pittsburgh. great friends, fun people.

sunday, we'll spend the day at my parents. lounging, cooking, and relaxing.

monday is xmas brunch at my parents. gift giving, xmas casserole (i'll post the recipe later) and perhaps even cold duck (my favorite!!)!!! then we leave in the early afternoon to go back to WNY to gather the puppies and go home. the next day. hard to believe it will be over this time next week. yowza.

there was something else i was going to post about, but i can't recall.

i really want to learn how to post "titles" on my blog posts, as well as linking my favorite blogs to read, and posting pictures on my posts. i am having a hard time with that. not because i'm a natural blonde, mind you...but because i'm impatient and don't like instructions unless someone is sitting here showing me how to do it.

anyway, today is moving quickly. it's already almost 9:30....our luncheon starts in 2 hrs. after that, i'm going home to start the walnut crisps, do laundry, and begin organizing for packing for the weekend.

the fun never ends.


Lynne said...

Hi. I found your blog while flipping through "next blog" and started reading some of your posts. In one you mentioned Uniontown, PA - that caught my eye because that's where my son-in-law is from. You sound like a really nice person. Hope you don't mind if I keep reading and commenting now and then.

rebecca said...

hi lynne! nice to "meet" you! you are welcome anytime!!

oh...uniontown. i spent 3 horrid years there. not that there aren't nice people there, but boy did i hate it. it was like traveling back in time in a bad dream.

anyway - thank you for visiting me and i look forward to checking out your blog!

Lynne said...

My daughter hated Uniontown too - she was afraid they would wind up there. Luckily (for me) they're here in Georgia, right next door.