Tuesday, November 14, 2006


so, i've felt the need to blog these days, but haven't felt the content. i haven't felt like i've had much to say.

but, good news - purchased a laptop! very excited. it should arrive in a week or two. this means i can blog more often, and a bit more easily.

the only other news is i got my roots done. phew! oh, and melanie had a baby!! www.formersnowbug.blogspot.com


Alison said...

Hooray for laptops!

mist1 said...

G*d bless laptops. I would never leave the house if not for mine. Also, G*d bless Whole Foods and my local coffee place for having free wi-fi.

The CEO said...

And G*d bless Alison, and Mist, and Melanie and her new baby!

wait, i don't have to capitalize here. yippie, i always forget. well, now i'm feeling so much better now.

what kind of laptop are you getting? details, we want details!

rebecca said...

Ali: YAY! it's a shiny one, too! :)

Mist1 - and god bless you :hugs:

CEO - nope, no capitalization necessary, here.

OH we're getting one built from Dell. it's a nice one. is that enough detail?

melanie said...

she did? I never get the good news till much too late!

congrats on your new baby too!