Monday, October 23, 2006


OK, i just had to journal about this because its so frickin cute -

- hopefully, you can imagine this as i have no picture as of yet.... my baby Boston Terrier puppy, Stella, was just spayed on Friday. instead of sending her home to me with a cone on her neck to prevent her from licking, chewing her stitches, the vet thought it would be less traumatizing to her to put a baby's onesie on her to keep her from getting at the incision site. she's now dressed in a pale green onesie (24M was the size, and its a little too big/long for her so i have to bunch it up in the middle - otherwise she gets her legs caught in the leg holes) with a lovely embroidered daisy near the neck. oh, its precious!! however, she really hates it. i'm instructed to keep this on her until her stitches come out on 10/31. what fun for me!!!

poor thing was totally confused and scared to death on friday when i picked her up in the late afternoon. she didn't know which way was up or down. just looked at me with this sad-eyed, pathetic, ears-back expression like "why Why WHY would you put me through this?? i thought you loved me!!"

she's feeling much more like her old self now, though she's hating being separated from her brother, Teddy. he has no idea why they're being kept apart either. and i get to go through this with him on 11/7 .......oh fun.


melanie said...

give them each a picture of the other. And, post a pic of the dog in the onesie!

sounds cute.

rebecca said...

i will take the picture today. but you may have to talk me through how to upload a picture on this blogspot thing. i've never done it and i'm not sure i know how.

melanie said...

its pretty easy. on the screen where you enter your text there should be a little picture box. click on it, and its pretty self explanatory!

if you have further questions, you know where i am.


mist1 said...

I just saw a puppy in a onesie last weekend. I thought it was dressed up for Halloween. Now I understand.

Also, I will remember not to get to friendly with any guys I meet that wear onesies.

Anonymous said...

What's a onesie?

Anonymous said...

LOL Yes please post pictures!!! :)

I have a Teddy too. He's really fat. Seriously needs a vet diet. That's going to be fun.