Tuesday, September 12, 2006


A “FAVORITE” MEME: (though I don't know what 'meme' stands for really, I've made my own...)

Scent: For the first 5 seconds, gasoline. Chicken roasting. Lilies of the valley. Really subtle drier sheets. Blueberry muffins baking.
Time of Day: Afternoon, after 2:00 - my alone time at home. Or, naptime on the weekend.
Childhood Memory: Playing with my friends Megan, Kristin & Susie at Megan's on her lawn - we were about 8, each of us had easels, and a clothesline ran between two great oak trees. We painted and hung our paintings up to dry on the clothesline. We ran a lemonade stand, too. The scent of summer. Megan's garden. Swinging on her swingset in the back yard. Pretending we were on a boat and we were wearing long flowing white gowns and if we stepped on the grass, we'd be in water, but if we stayed on the rocks and swingset, we'd be safe....all this is a memory that leads to other wisps of memories.
Adult Memory: One of my favorites is seeing the Afghan Whigs live 5 times in different cities within 5 months in 1998. Cleveland, D.C., Chicago, NYC, Pittsburgh.
Place to Visit (that you’ve visited before and why): Perdido Bay, Florida. First trip with friends only as an adult - sans families. Gorgeous area - best of both sand/beach/sea and pier/dock.
Word: lemming
Blog: http://alithinks.typepad.com/alithinks/
Artist/Painter : Gustav Klimt, Andrew Wyeth...two very different schools/styles.
Article of Clothing: an old navy blue sweater i had for years that had a "tail" kind of hem...and it got completely shredded. I loved that thing. Nothing has taken its place.
Season : It used to be fall...which I still love. The scents of the fallen leaves, the moist earth...but now, I have to say Summer is my favorite. I love all the green and sunshine and being able to be outside and submerged in water.....there's nothing better.
Chore/Household Task: Making the bed. Makes the whole room look neat even if it isn't, really neat. Plus, it makes it more inviting to get back in..
Meal: Lunch. Pizza.
Tradition: Coraopolis Pizza take out on Christmas Eve with my parents.

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Monty said...

You are so artsy, and I can barely spell art. In fact, I didn't know that those two guys were artists. I thought one was a Toyota dealership. But, I do have great hopes for the blueberry muffins! I loves blueberry muffins!